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Rachel Leaders is an award winning professional singer by trade and has been singing for over 20 years. She has been on stage more times than she can count with performance credentials that range from playing leads in Operas and musical theater to working with Grammy Award artists. At the age of twelve, as a young prodigy Rachel was invited to preform for Ray Charles singing the hit classic “Summertime” at the head of a live jazz band right before he received his lifetime achievement award. Her performance brought Ray Charles to tears and the audience astounded her with a standing ovation. She is a Heroes and Legends Award Winner and was sponsored by the Berry Gordy Foundation.












Through singing Rachel discovered at a young age that she had a talent for teaching and by 17 years old landed her first major client, Grammy Award Nominee Colby O'Donis. Soon after, she found herself being sent on tour with some of the biggest names in the music industry. It was during this time she expanded her career in songwriting by collaborating and contributing on songs, spending countless hours in the recording studio with her clients. Rachel became the single youngest person to be accepted into the world renowned Speech Level Singing International teacher training and certification program. Rachel took vocal master classes and was trained and certified as a vocal coach directly by Seth Riggs, the international authority on vocal instruction who trained artists like Michael Jackson, Josh Groban, Stevie Wonder and hundreds of other Grammy Award winning singers.


Since then, Rachel has blossomed as an internationally respected authority on vocal health, rehabilitation, and successful singing. Her voice can be heard as a solo singer in internationally released feature films, television voice overs and commercials. Rachel's clientele includes; Grammy Award winners, award-winning Hollywood composers, and artists signed to Interscope Records, Disney, Konvict Muzik, KonLive Distribution, Geffen Records, Motown Records, Asia Entertainment, RCA Records, Lanucana Studios, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony BMG, Columbia, as well as the guy down the street who just wants to learn how to sing for fun. Her technique is a reprise of a lost ancient Italian method refined by modern science. Amongst all of these amazing credentials, one of Rachel's proudest moments was helping a 20 year old woman with cerebral palsy speak for the very first time. The neurological disorder had left her unable to bring her vocal cords together to vibrate. She could only whisper. After nearly two decades of unsuccessful doctors, speech therapists, and specialists this young woman's family found Rachel and during the introductory lesson the young woman had vibrated her vocal cords for the first time bringing the mother to tears. Only a few months of coaching with Rachel the young woman was able to speak in full sentences and was even singing scales. Before the age of 30, Rachel Reed is already an unmatched authority on the topic of vocal instruction.

Music composer for a Telly Award winning film


Heroes and Legends Award Winner



Rachel's goal with her voice students is to teach them how to use their voice in a healthy and natural way while maintaining the sound that got them recognition, as well as help beginners find their style. With proper technique, singing becomes as easy as speaking. Using science and understanding a singers genetic abilities, Rachel teaches her students how to get a beautiful balance between air and muscle to create a resonance that a singer can grow a wide range and build strength on without having any breaks in their voice.