Hi! I'm Rachel!

Since 2004, my passion has been teaching people how to sing with ease.

Learn how to use your voice in a healthy and natural way while maintaining the sound that got you recognition, or if you are a beginner, I will help you find your style. With proper technique, singing becomes as easy as speaking. Using science and understanding a singer's genetic abilities, I will teach you how to get a beautiful balance between air and muscle. This balance will create a resonance that you can grow a wide range and build strength on without having any breaks in your voice.

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Asia Entertainment

“My name is Quoc Khanh. I've been singing professionally for 8 years in the Vietnamese community. My vocal cord was damaged a year ago due to oversinging while having a rib injury from an accident. I lost 4 notes in my bridge area. Rachel has helped me to recover my voice. She is very patient and kind. She makes it easy for me to learn and to recover my voice. I am glad that I've found her as a vocal coach. Very flexible on schedule, which is very important to me because of performing and touring a lot.”


Mother of 2 recording clients

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